TotalTM PLUS Service Plan

InfoRender Identity Management (IM) PLUS - consists of solutions(s) and suitable architecture(s)- allows enterprises to manage the end-to-end life cycle of user identities across enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. InfoRender proposed IM solution will be built on many well known Enterprise based components/services and/or products.

Further, it also provides the identity protection solutions comming from its patented technologies.  These unique solutions are fully supported by every IS infrastructure, easily integrated, or adds-on.  

These enterprise components should be fully integrated with the client infrastructures, and backends. In other words, InfoRender application-centric approach allows customers to clearly separate business logic from security and resource management, thus promoting development agility and lowering maintenance costs.

InfoRenderīs strategy for identity and access management, revolves around the following four tenets:

Complete: Depending on the client needs and business requirements, InfoRender's proposed Identity Management (IM) PLUS solution provides a comprehensive set of market-leading components including identity administration and role management; user provisioning and compliance; web applications and web services access control; single sign-on and federated identities; fraud detection; strong, multifactor authentication and risk management; audit and reports. All InfoRender architected IM components leverage the product suiteīs best-in-class, highly scalable directory and identity virtualization services to maximize operational efficiency and ensure the highest levels of performance and availability.

Integrated: InfoRender IM PLUS components - consist of the best-in-class technologies - can be deployed separately or together as an integrated suite of identity services, including identity theft protection. The various components making up customized and integrated InfoRender IM, are designed to work together to satisfy each identity management and access control requirement met throughout a business transaction. InfoRender IM components integrate seamlessly with the client environment - may consist of technologies from many diversified technologies & vendors.

Every proposed solution is supported by our own licenses.  These restricted licenses are not available from any other vendor, or technology firm.

InfoRender experience in areas such as human capital management, performance management, customer relationship management, as well as Middleware components such as SOA, and Business Intelligence, integrates with Governance, Risk, and Compliance platform to provide an enterprise-wide governance solution. InfoRender IM leverages and integrates with popular Databases, directories and identity virtualization services, thus providing extreme scalability and lower cost of ownership. Finally, InfoRenderīs approach provides extensions to Information Rights Management, closing the gap between identity management and content management.

Hot-Pluggable: InfoRenderīs standards-based suite of products is designed to support heterogeneous, multiple-vendor development and runtime environments, including operating systems, web servers, application servers, directory servers, and database management systems. For example, XML standards for federation (e.g., Security Services Markup Language - SAML and WS-Federation) allow InfoRender IM components to support both in-house, mission-critical applications (e.g., Java-based service providers) and third-party packaged applications (e.g., Microsoft .NET-based accounting or project management systems), thus optimizing past and future IT investments.

Best-Of-Breed: In addition to InfoRenderīs level of completeness, integration, and hot-pluggability, the components of the suite deliver functional depth and sophistication that, even taken individually, makes them market-leading, best-of-breed products. Customers, especially those looking for advanced capabilities to support their application grid, can choose the best-in-class IM component to meet their specific requirements and integrate that component with the rest of their existing identity management portfolio, or they can deploy the best-of-breed InfoRender's own components/products to take advantage of its enhanced integration.

The plan will be based on one single hourly charge rate across the entire solution spectrum. There will not be multiple contracts per client. This single optimized and low rated contract should not only benefit the client corporate across more expensive projects - comparing to the competitors' rates- but it also will minimize the complexity overheads and the cost of running negotiating multiple rates/contracts for both the corporate and for us.

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