Certain business and regulatory requirements require use of stronger authentication to manage risk. As enterprises implement Web and application Single Sign-On solutions, it increases the ability of users (and potentially intruders) to access more and more enterprise resources through a single login credential. This also leads to use of stronger authentication to protect particularly sensitive enterprise resources. Strong authentication comes in many different flavors and has trade-offs including security, manageability, usability, deployablity, etc. Secure tokens (e.g., SecurID tokens) have been widely used for remote access and strong authentication. Smart cards and/or biometrics with certificates provide even stronger authentication but are harder to implement and manage. InfoRender practitioners have experience with various forms of authentication and Crypto tools:

  • Smart Cards, Biometrics
  • Tokens (SecurID)
  • PKI
  • Crypto Toolkits (encryption, digital signature, etc.)

We provide the following services in this area & related areas as:

OAuth Licensing
  • Provide the necessary licensing for OAuth.
Identity Protection
  • Provide the most effective &  patented identity protection.
XSRF Attacks
  • Provide the most effective and patented XSRF protection.
Project Management
  • working with business, security, application development and operations groups to manage expectations and manage overall solution delivery.
  • Deployment architecture - optimal configurations for performance, failover, load balancing, accommodating future growth
  • Implementation - installation, configuration, testing of product
  • Custom Development - use of encryption or digital signature toolkits
  • Application Integration - integration and end-to-end testing with Web SSO, PKI, Windows or other enterprise infrastructures and applications

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